About Us

authors_640We were inspired to write Life Lessons for Little Learners:  Beginning Steps Toward Academic Success because as former teachers we recognize that today’s teachers are  spending more time in the classroom disciplining and teaching social skills than teaching subject matter.  Clearly, this is problematic and frustrating for teachers, but what is even more critical is the fact that the disruption of the educational process costs each student in the classroom the opportunity to reach his potential.

Our goal in writing this book, therefore, is to encourage parents to spend time teaching their children the social skills that will allow them to come to school with appropriate classroom etiquette, ready to learn.

We appreciate your taking the time to visit our site, and getting to know us. We hope you are enjoying (or plan to enjoy soon!) our wonderful book, and perhaps we may get a chance to meet face to face in the near future! Read on below to learn more about us, your Authors.


Ms. Louise Mason


Ms. Louise Mason has been an administrator in Northeast Ohio for ten years.  She is a former high school English teacher.  She holds two Master’s degrees.

Ms. Mason traveled to Beijing, China in 2011 with the China Initiative Exchange Group where she studied China’s educational system.

She has written three other children’s books:  Frick, Frack, Freckles, and Connor and The Backyard Dragon; Frick, Frack, Freckles, and Connor and The Candy Shop Squirrels; and Frick, Frack, Freckles, and Connor and The Hiding Horses.


Mrs. Janine Motley


Mrs. Janine Motley is a retired high school English teacher from Liberty High School and a retired adjunct professor from Youngstown State University, both located in Youngstown, Ohio.  She graduated with her Masters in English from Youngstown State University, and acquired her undergraduate degree in Education, English, and Journalism from Bowling Green State University located in Bowling Green, Ohio.